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Norman Reedus poses for a portrait at the Getty Images Portrait Studio powered by Samsung Galaxy at Comic-Con International 2014 

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Jul 27, 2014

Whenever people ask me what I’m passionate about, or what really catches my interest, I always say I don’t know. Well, actually I do know, I just don’t know what I could do with it or how I could make a future out of it… if that’s even possible. All I know, is that I have the strongest desire to travel. Anywhere and everywhere. I always stay up late researching different cities and towns. I want to know what it’s like to live in different cultures, meet entirely different people than me, learn how they were rasied and what they find most important in life, etc etc the list goes on and on. I just want to have zero contact with this world, and go adventure. Be free. That is what I truly want more than anything.

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Jul 24, 2014

Came home from Dustin’s today and my mom was on the phone, crying. My mom never cries. Ever.
She won’t tell me why, but it’s about my papa :( and I know he isn’t doing good at all but I just keep overhearing little bits and pieces while she’s telling Tony about it. He is dying :( Lord help me, because I cannot handle losing him… not right now. He’s supposed to walk me down the aisle and be my papa forever. :(

Jul 24, 2014

I love being able to go to Dunham’s and buy whatever ammo I want, makes me happy. Also, I cannot wait until August! I have two awesome trips planned and they can’t come soon enough. :)

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